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The Best Things to do in Morocco

Breathtaking landscapes, fascinating history, delicious food, nomadic life, colorful streets, aromatic senses, relaxing beaches, stunning Mountain ranges, and more. All of these make Morocco the best destination for all travelers and reasons why Morocco should be on your bucket list! 

Here we introduce the best things and activities to do in Morocco.

Discover Hidden Gems of Marrakech on Side Car

Explore the city of Marrakech on this unique sidecar tour. One of the highlights and must-do experiences in Marrakech. Get on one of the vintage sidecars and explore the local life in the red city. Visit the old French neighborhood of Gueliz filled with art deco buildings and catch a glimpse of the Atlas Mountains as you drive through a palm grove filled with thousands of palm trees. This private tour is completely customizable to your interests and desires.

From Farm to Table Cooking class

The Moroccan cooking class takes place on a farm located in a Berber village in the surrounding Marrakech. This eco-farm produces seasonal vegetables, olives, herbs...etc. Learn from a chef the use of spices in Morocco and how to make fresh Moroccan bread. Set together the menu of the day based on the seasonal available ingredients, then head to the garden to pick all the bioproducts. Enjoy together preparing Moroccan bread and your typical Moroccan dish with the views of the High Atlas Mountains.

Dune buggies/Quad Biking

Are you an adventure junkie traveler? Then, seize the moment and take a ride in a buggy or a quad in Morocco and its splendid landscapes. Ride across the golden dunes of Moroccan Sahara Desert; Erg Chebbi or Erg Chegaga, the grand Marrakech Palmeraie through the palm groves, the stony Agafay desert with its amazing views of High Atlas Mountains or the coast of Essaouira windy city! Experience Morocco's diverse scenery for a half-day, full-day, or more. This adventure will level up your adrenaline and introduce Morocco to you in a different way, meet Nomads in the Sahara Desert or Berbers in the villages surrounding Marrakech. Enjoy mint tea and Moroccan crepes or Berber tagine for lunch on a stop during the breathtaking adventure. To ensure your safety your guide will conduct a thorough briefing and provide you with all the necessary equipment from helmet, goggles, and gloves before your adventure begins.

Paragliding in Morocco From Coast to Mountains

The paragliding activity in Morocco is an incredible experience for adrenaline and adventure enthusiasts and a "must do'' activity in Morocco if you are eager to witness breathtaking views from the sky. Paragliding in Morocco can be arranged in many sites, selecting from the High Atlas Mountains to fly from Aguergour Berber village over the amazing scenery of Kik Plateau, Moulay Idriss Zerhoun holy village to fly over the stunning Roman ruins of Volubilis, or Legzira Beach to fly over the extraordinary cliffs on the Atlantic coast. You will be driven from your accommodation to the meeting point at one of the most popular paragliding sites in Morocco. If this is your first paragliding or you are an expert, enjoy this invigorating safe tandem experience while creating unforgettable memories from Morocco.

Street Food tour in Fez 

Indulge in the culture and the life of locals through Moroccan food. Fez offers you the chance to visit the main food markets of the ancient Fez Medina with one of our passionate foodie guides. Meet the friendly owners of shops who will share their stories along with the yummy flavors and secrets of their products. Your tour includes over ten stops, which have been carefully selected. Taste pancakes, different types of honey, dates, olives, tea, and other delicious Moroccan specialties.

Camel Riding in Morocco

Camel trekking while visiting Morocco is a must. Whether you trek on a camel across the Atlantic Coast, Marrakech Palmeraies, Agafay stony Desert, or the vast Sahara Desert’s golden dunes, you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience from Morocco. There are many camel treks organized throughout the country, but imagine sitting on the back of a Moroccan camel while watching a breathtaking sunset, this memorable experience is highly recommended if you are visiting the Moroccan Sahara Desert as it is considered the best place to ride a camel in. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience while in Morocco. 

Treasure Hunt in the Souks of Morocco

Explore the alleys and mysterious corners of the ancient medinas of Fez or Marrakesh by participating in a treasure hunt in the souks. Your private English-speaking host will divide you into teams and send you off to three different markets with a shopping list of products to find! Each team will be provided with a phone and a map, so you won't get lost! This Spy Treasure Hunt is one of the fun and interactive activities to experience in Morocco!

Discover the Seven Gates Secrets of Fez Medina 

Fez is a walled city with seven gorgeous tiled gates. Each gate is of significant interest ranging from military to purely artistic. These monumental gates acted as landmarks of the Medieval Medina and were mostly built during the Almohad Period (12th-13th century). This 7 Fez Gates Medina Tour also showcases the lives of the people living within the medina. Come and discover the history and story behind each gate. 

Hiking Morocco's highest peak Toubkal Mount

If you are a nature lover and would like to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the red city, then Mountain Toubkal is the perfect destination to relax and enjoy the tranquility this mountain will offer. Mountain Toubkal is the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains and North Africa. It’s the top destination for hikers with a summit of 13671 feet/ 4167 meters. 

Take an adventurous hike with your English-speaking guide while enjoying the breathtaking views, walking through almond and olive groves, and many other plants and trees native to Morocco. On your way to Toubkal, you will witness a magnificent change of views and mountains. While reaching the summit you will see an incredible view that you will never forget.

Best Luxury Experiences in Morocco

Helicopter Exploration of Morocco

Spa at Royal Mansour 

Private Breakfast in the Air

Exclusive Access to Private Villa of Yves Saint Laurent

Best Activities in Morocco for Women 

Moroccan Beauty Workshop - Natural extra care!

The art of Moroccan Henna Design 

Luxury Hammam Experience

Private Yoga Retreat

Best Activities in Morocco for Foodies

Hand-Rolling Couscous with Seven Vegetables

From Farm to Table Cooking Class in Morocco 

Private Cooking Class in a Family Home

Street Food Tours/Tasting Trail

Roman Picnic at Volubilis

Best Activities in Morocco for Couple/Families

Moroccan Drums Workshops

Moroccan Pottery Workshop

Private hot air balloon in Morocco 

The Agafay Desert Glamping experience 

Treasure Hunt in the souks of Morocco

Best Activities in Morocco for Adventurous Travelers

Hiking/Trekking in High Atlas Mountains/Middle Atlas

Quad Biking/Dune buggies in Marrakech 

A unique experience in Morocco - SideCar tour 

Zip wiring in Morocco 

Skydiving in Morocco 

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