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Recommended Restaurants in Morocco

Looking for the Best Restaurants in Morocco? Our list of Morocco's top picks recommended restaurants is those that are sought after by travelers to dine at for their quality of food, stunning views, popularity, and unique interiors.

Best Restaurants in Casablanca, Morocco


Rick's Cafe

Created by a former American expat, this restaurant is an homage to the film Casablanca. Rick's Cafe is a must for those looking to re-live this 1942 Hollywood blockbuster. The furnishing, curved arches, balconies, and brass lighting have been carefully curated to evoke the ambiance of Casablanca, the movie.

A reservation is necessary due to demand. The menu features international cuisine. Specialty dishes are the fig and goat cheese salad, black pepper filet mignon, and sea bass with saffron rice. Shorts are not permitted. The dress code needs to be taken into consideration. 


Address: 248 Boulevard Sour Jdid / Place Due Jardin Public, Casablanca

Phone: +212 (0) 522-274-207

Le Cabestan

Established in 1927, Le Cabestan is one of the oldest restaurants in Casablanca well-appointed on the corniche. The restaurant offers oceanfront seating in a beautifully designed space and serves international cuisine with a focus on fresh seafood, pastas, and salad. One of their specialties is the parrillada, which is a mixture of fish and seafood cooked a la plancha served with several sauces.


Address: 90 Boulevard de la Cornich, Phare d'El Hank, Casablanca

Phone: +212 (0) 522-391-190

Le Gatsby

Le Gatsby is one of Casablanca restaurants Morocco known for catering to locals for breakfast and lunch. Located with marvelous views of Hassan II Mosque it is also an ideal spot for coffee or tea. At Le Gatsby allows travelers can revel in the architecture and design of the Mosque far from the crowds. The menu offers international and Moroccan fare.


Address: Angle Boulevard Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah et, Sour Jdid, Casablanca

Phone: +212 (0) 522-261-062


La Sqala

La Sqala is located in the interior of a former fort and built around several courtyards with trickling fountains. The zellige tiled interior has greenery and wonderful flora and fauna, which add to its charming Moroccan atmosphere. The specialties served to include a variety of Moroccan salads, both hot and cold, pastilla, fresh, homemade juices, couscous, and skewered chicken and meat. There are local performances there three times a week.  


Address: Boulevard des Almohades, Casablanca

Phone: + 212 (0) 522-260-960


Best Restaurants in Marrakech, Morocco


Le Tobsil

Le Tobsil is considered by many as one of the best places to go for traditional Moroccan cuisine. Proprietor Christine Rio turned an old riad situated in the heart of the medina into one of Marrakech’s most sought-after restaurants. The Arabian Nights' ambiance of white table clothes strewn with rose petals and Gnaoua musicians make the space perfect for a romantic evening. 


Address: 22, Derb Moulay Abdallah Ben Hessaien - Ksour- Marrakech

Phone: + 212 (0) 524-444-052


Al Fassia Gueliz

Al Fassia Gueliz opened its doors in 1987. It was the first restaurant in Marrakech that launched the concept of employing only women, who are well-trained Moroccan chefs and waitresses. The restaurant is highly rated for the refinement of its cuisine. Plush red cushions and warm-hued walls create a cozy atmosphere for a relaxed meal served on large round dining tables. Specialty dishes served are pigeon pastilla, Mechoui, and roasted leg of lamb, a true delicacy, that must be ordered in advance. Al Fassia now has two locations. The original is in the French, chic town of Gueliz and its sister property, El Fassia Agdal, is part of a guest house property with a courtyard garden, ten minutes outside the city of Marrakech.


Addres: 55 Boulevard Zerktouni, Gueliz, Marrakech

Phone: + 212 (0) 524-434-060


Grand Cafe de la Poste

Grand Cafe de la Poste was originally a post office. This French bistro was formerly renovated, features colonial interiors, and has become a trending place to dine in Gueliz. The interior, which features a combination of wicker, wood, white linen, and Moroccan fabrics, set the tone for this restaurant’s classical dishes and modern French cuisine. Locals refer to the place as “La Poste” and is a must for farmed oysters from the regions of Oualidia and Dakhla. Entrees include salads with salmon, fresh cream, and dill to steak frite along with fresh fish. The dessert menu features a crème brule, a traditional French chocolate éclair, and a cheesecake.  


Address: Avenue Imam Malik, Marrakech

Phone: + 212 (0) 524-433-038


Terrace des Epices

Located in the heart of the Souks, Terrace des Epices is a charming café and restaurant ideal for a lunch pitstop while shopping in the Marrakech medina. It features a dining area that overlooks the basket souk with views of the Souks and Djemaa El Fna square. Specialties include spiced coffee and Moroccan pastries, orange salad with cinnamon, and a wide range of juices. Salads, fish, and meat are also served in local dishes.


Address: 15 Souk Cherifia, Sidi Abdelaziz, Medina, Marrakech

Phone: + 212 (0) 524-375-904

Best Restaurants in Fez, Morocco


Fez Cafe

The Fez Café is part of the Riad Jardin des Biehn, known for its Andalusian-style garden and accommodations, which feature expansive rooms in old servant quarters from this historic property. The café’s red brick dining with kitchen décor is well situated in the back of the garden and features views of its greenery, flora, and fauna. The cuisine offered is a seasonal mix of French, Moroccan, and Spanish dishes. The menu offers daily specials.


Address: 13, Akbat Sbaa, Douh, Fez

Phone: + 212 (0) 535-741-036

Dar Roumana

Dar Roumana (House of the Pomegranate) is a charming riad with the only restaurant in Fez known for its Chef and dishes influenced by Le Cordon Bleue in Paris. The restaurant is set within a beautifully tiled courtyard with a trickling fountain. Diners can opt to eat either in the courtyard or on the roof terrace, which offers a panoramic view of the historic medina. The cuisine is French with International and Moroccan influences. Grilled octopus is served with Moroccan spices, salad of roasted pumpkin, gnocchi, or roasted duck. The beet salad is a must. Travelers can also stay in one of Dar Roumana’s beautiful rooms, which have been decorated with Moroccan traditional décor. 


Address: 30 Derb el-Amer, Zqaq Roumane, Medina, Fez

Phone: + 212 (0) 535-741-637


Proprietor and Chef of Nur, Najat Kaanache was born in Spain. Najat discovered her passion for cuisine at an early age. She has worked at world-class restaurants such as Noma Alinea, The French Laundry, El Bulli, and Noma. Chef Najat has used her experience abroad to create Nur. Located in an old riad within the Fez medina, Nur has a unique tasting menu that changes daily and uses all local produce from the souks. Pickled, roasted, and raw vegetables may be served alongside candied chicken with poultry stock and caramelized raisins. Reservations need to be made in advance. Nur offers a pre-fixed menu with options for vegetarians. 


Address: 7 Zhak, Rouah, Medina, Fez

Phone: + 212 (0) 694-277-849

Palais Faraj L'Amendier

L'Amendier boasts some of the best views of the Fez medina and offers upmarket Moroccan cuisine. Two menus are offered: one with traditional Moroccan cuisine and the other with International. The elegant Moroccan menu includes a host of traditional salads followed by famous dishes such as tagine, seffa, couscous, and desserts. The servers are knowledgeable about the food served and will offer wine pairing recommendations.   


Address: Bab Ziat, Fez

Phone: 212 (0) 535-635-356

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