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Guidelines for Tipping in Morocco

The Basics

Tipping in Morocco is part of Moroccan culture. Tourism drivers, licensed guides, waiters at restaurants, and porters at hotels, all anticipate receiving gratuity for their services. While gratuity tipping is not mandatory it is proper cultural etiquette to offer a gratuity to those who serve you.  

The majority of the people who work in the tourism industry receive lower to medium wages compared to the cost of living in Morocco therefore they rely on gratuity along with their salary provided. 

Gratuity is highly appreciated as it shows appreciation for the service provided and also helps to boost family income and the standard of living in Morocco. Gratuity is always at the traveler's discretion. 

Providing a small amount of gratuity is also a way to express your dissatisfaction with a service if it is not good. For example, if you take a taxi for a full day and you provide your driver with a small amount of money like a few coins or two Euro/20 MAD, that means you were not happy with the service. On the other hand, if you are pleased with the service you can provide four Euro/ 40 MAD.

Can I tip in other Currencies in Morocco?

Using currencies for tips in Morocco such as US Dollars, the Euro or the British Pound is acceptable if the gratuity is over $20/ 20 Euros. Please keep in mind that the person you tip needs to go to a bank exchange which costs them a percentage of the tip you provide. Foreign coins cannot be exchanged in Morocco.

The guideline for gratuity provided below is a good place to start.   

How much should I Tip the Porter/ Housekeeper?

Porter: 5 EURO/50 MAD per service.

Housekeeper: 10 EURO/100 MAD per service.

How much Should I tip my Tourism Driver?

If you are a group of 2-4 people and had a transfer from one destination to another of less than one hour, the minimum recommended tip is 10 EURO/100 MAD per transfer.

If you spend more than four hours in a transfer or hire a private driver and vehicle for a multi-day timeframe then 20 EURO/200 MAD per day.

Airport transfer: 10 EURO/100 MAD per transfer.

How much should I Tip the Local Guide/ Tour Leader?

A half-day guided tour for 2 - 4 people, the recommended tip is 20 EURO/200 MAD and for a full-day guided tour, recommended tip is 30-40 EURO/300 to 400 MAD.

A half-day guided tour for 5 people, the recommended tip is 40 EURO/400 MAD and for a full-day guided tour, recommended tip is 60-80 EURO/600-800 MAD.

Guide of a Multi Day Tour  

For a Multi-day Tour with 2 - 4 people, tip 20 EURO/200 MAD per day.

For a Multi-day Tour with 5 or more people, tip 5 EURO/50 MAD per person per day.

How much should I Tip a Waiter/ Waitress?

General gratuity at a mid-range or upscale restaurant in Morocco is 10% - 15% of the total bill. In local cafes or restaurants, 5-8% of the total bill is acceptable gratuity.  

How much should I Tip Riad or Hotel Staff?

Riads and hotels in Morocco usually have a gratuity box where you can insert a tip. If you don’t see one you can check with the manager to confirm any gratuity you provide will be shared with the staff including the housekeeping staff 

Suggested gratuity for a two night stay is 10 - 20 EURO/100 - 200 MAD 

Please contact us if you have more questions about tipping.  


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