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Morocco Street Food Tour

Morocco has some of the most delicious foods on earth. Discover them through our list of the best street food tours in Morocco! Morocco is known for its delicious food and cuisine. It is also home to many great food tours that will take you to places where you can sample traditional Moroccan dishes.

If you are looking for an authentic Moroccan food tour, you should consider either the capital of culinary in Morocco, Fez or the ranked among the world’s top destinations for street food by CNN, Marrakech.

Fez Food Tour

The Fez Food Tour is a unique experience to indulge in Moroccan food culture and local life. 

You will visit exotic food markets within the ancient Medina of Fez with one of our passionate Foodie Guides Experts. Meet the owners of shops who will share their stories, delicious flavors of Morocco food, and the secret ingredients of their products. Taste Moroccan pancakes, a variety of honey, dates, and olives, sip mint tea, and snack on other specialties of Fez. 

The Fez Food Tour includes visiting over ten mouth-watering stops, carefully selected by a Cultural Insider. 

Marrakech Food Tour

Join one of our local Moroccan Foodie Guides who are passionate about sharing their culture and culinary expertise with you. 

Wander through the old Kasbah and Mellah - Jewish quarter to discover mouth-watering delicacies that most travelers would not have access to. 

All our local food venues are selected with care to give you the best authentic experience and let you interact with the locals.

You will explore Marrakech's real taste and culture, ancient communal cooking facilities, and preparation of food through our Marrakech Food Tour.

Other cities where we can organize Food Tours are Casablanca, which is famous with one of the most famous urban markets in Morocco, the Central Market, and their fresh fish along with salads and various side Moroccan dishes. 

Rabat, especially when the old Medina gets lively by night, don't miss out on BBQ from the food stalls and their beautifully made patisseries. 

Tangier is rich with different Moroccan food specialties to experience and taste.

All our food tours are moderate walking; and flexible to fit your interests. We have hosted vegetarians, vegans, and travelers with different dietary requirements. That only shows that our Moroccan Foodie Guides are experts in what they do.

Join us in one of our best-selling activities in Morocco by contacting us here!

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