• Fez Food Tour

    Fez Food Tour

    The Fez Food Tour is a unique experience to indulge in Moroccan food culture and local life. Join us as we take you on a culinary adventure through the streets of Fez, Morocco. You will have the chance to visit the exotic food markets within the ancient Medina with one of our passionate Foodie Guides Experts. Meet the owners of shops who will share their stories along with the delicious flavors of Morocco food; and the secrets of their products made from. Taste Moroccan pancakes, a variety of honey, dates, and olives, sip mint tea, and snack on other specialties of Fez. The Fez Food Tour includes visiting over ten mouth-watering stops, carefully selected by a Cultural Insider. 

  • From Farm To Table Cooking Class

    From Farm To Table Cooking Class

    Moroccan cuisine is known for its fresh ingredients and unique flavors. Enjoy the bounty of the season with a Farm to Table Cooking experience. This activity takes place on a farm; located in Bhalil, which is outside of Fez. With farm to table, you will experience a unique way to cook traditional Moroccan dishes in an authentic place while learning about Moroccan culture, Moroccan people, and the traditional way of life. Upon arrival, your host will greet you and take you through the garden to know what produce is available for today's meal. Pick fresh ingredients that you will use in your cooking class, and learn to cook your flavorful dish. Homemade bread will come straight out of a traditional oven built with mud and fired with wood. Enjoy eating the fabulous meal whose ingredients came straight from their garden.

  • Pastries Workshop

    Pastries Workshop

    We invite you to learn the secrets of making Moroccan pastries recipes and enjoy the pleasure of baking in the old medina of Fez with a local family. Moroccan patisseries play an integral role in everyday life in Fez. The ancient medina has a street famous for its traditional sweets specialty and diversity. Spend the time with a Moroccan family and learn about Fez culture while preparing sweets together. Fez Patisseries are dipped in honey and typically made of coconut or almond paste. They include other ingredients such as sesame seeds, powdered sugar, and rose or orange water. This hands-on workshop will guide you to master the technique of making 3 to 4 different patisseries. A visit to a communal bakery (Farran) to cook your patisseries is part of the workshop where you will discover the importance of the baking process. Finish off with Moroccan mint tea and enjoy your fresh baked Fassi sweets. No cooking experience is required to participate in our baking workshop designed mainly for lovers of Moroccan cuisine.

  • Private Family Cooking Class

    Private Family Cooking Class

    The Private Family Cooking Class is a complete immersion into the Moroccan culture and traditions. Dive into the rich and diverse culinary heritage of Morocco. The class will commence with you selecting your preferred main dish to cook such as tagine, couscous, vegetable dish,bastille (pastilla) or others. Next, you will head to the family home to start the preparation by kneading traditional Moroccan bread and taking it to the local communal bakery (Ferran). Afterward, you will learn how to make Moroccan-cooked salads, preserved lemon, and Moroccan mint tea. Finish off with enjoying what you have cooked with the Moroccan family.Smells, tastes, and joyful memories of Morocco will permeate your senses and return home with you. 

  • Moroccan Bread Making

    Moroccan Bread Making

    Participate in an exclusive experience in a family home in the Medina of Fez that is not to be missed. Discover the authentic Moroccan way of life in our baking workshop. Learn all the methods to make Moroccan bread from scratch and the techniques to knead and bake Moroccan bread. Visit a communal bakery (Ferran) to see how bread is stacked/baked. You can even learn about how to mark your bread tray. Once your bread is made and delivered from the communal oven, you now have the opportunity to eat it combined with a a fresh Moroccan mint tea, honey, and cheese. Your English-speaking facilitator will explain the different types of cheeses and kinds of honey that you will taste with the Moroccan bread you have made.

  • Hand-Rolling Couscous with Seven Vegetables

    Hand-Rolling Couscous with Seven Vegetables

    Take a day trip from Fez comprised of beautiful landscapes, bucolic scenery, and hearty Moroccan cuisine. Head to the Middle Atlas Mountains, where you will learn the secrets of how to roll couscous from scratch from Berber (Amazigh) women. Couscous is a Moroccan specialty dish steamed and made from crushed durum wheat and served with vegetables and meat. This famous hand-rolled dish is from the Berbers (Amazigh), the original inhabitants of the country, who primarily live in remote rural regions. Learn through this exprience about Moroccan rural life, how Berber/Amazigh women support themselves and their families. After mastering the art of rolling your own couscous, take part in sipping tea and eating couscous with exceptional Berber (Amazigh) women.