• Moroccan Drums Workshop

    Moroccan Drums Workshop

    Immerse yourself in the Moroccan musical traditions through a Private Handmade Drums Workshop held in one of the Fez medina’s ancient Fondouks. Moroccan music is very unique and differs from one region to another. This handson experience will begin with painting your own drum with the help of a local artisan. A Berber design will be recommended for you to use, yet you can also feel free to use your own imagination to create a tailor-make piece. Once complete, the Tam Tam drum is topped with camel leather. You will learn how to bind the drum together. At the end, you will take your handmade Moroccan drum which is one of the most well-known Morocco traditional instruments along with the sounds of Morocco with you forever. 

  • Moroccan Pottery Workshop

    Moroccan Pottery Workshop

    Fez is well known for the excellent quality of its pottery and Moroccan Zellige tile, made by highly trained and skilled Moroccan artisans. Participate in process of making handmade by sinking your hands into the pliable clay and turning the pottery wheel by foot. The Moroccan artisan will guide you to make pottery and create your own work of art such as a small tagine, a mug, bowl, ashtray, vase…etc. For those who wish to further indulge, you can participate in a painting workshop whereby you learn how Moroccan pottery is painted. Skilled Moroccan painters will assist in this process and teach you Islamic and Moorish painting techniques and designs. Multi-day Ceramics pottery classes can be organized for those seeking to gain a professional level or a certificate learning Moroccan Zellige and pottery.

  • Art of Arabic Calligraphy

    Art of Arabic Calligraphy

    The Arabic calligraphy is the art of beautiful, and elegant handwriting with pen or brush and ink. Mainly people use Islamic art for walls and you can find amazing artistic work in any Museum for Islamic art around the world. Learn the art of Arabic calligraphy at a workshop taught by a skilled and passionate Arabic Calligraphy artist. Gain understanding into the cultural heritage of Arabic Calligraphy as a part of the Islamic culture and Arab identity. Working side by side with a local artist, you will have an opportunity to discover your artistic abilities and your hidden talents.