• Moroccan Traditional Beauty Workshop

    Moroccan Traditional Beauty Workshop

    Learn how to make your own natural products by yourself with the guidance of local women, who will share with you their own methods and secrets of the products they use to take care of their own beauty. Products include argan oil, rose water, black soap, and purifying Ghassoul clay. You will learn the history and rituals honoring every item.

  • Moroccan Henna Art Workshop

    Moroccan Henna Art Workshop

    Henna is a very symbolic and essential component of Moroccan cultural heritage. In Morocco henna represents divine blessing (Baraka), protection from the evil eye, beauty, and happiness. The Moroccan tradition of henna is used on many different cultural occasions and celebrations. It marks celebratory times such as weddings, the birth of a new baby, and also holidays such as Eid Al Adha. The Art of Henna workshop will commence with you meeting your private, henna artist in a family home where you will interact with local women, learn more about the rituals and traditions behind henna, sip tea and revel in the beautiful designs.

  • A Yoga Retreat in Morocco

    A Yoga Retreat in Morocco

    Travelling can wear you out as you enjoy one experience after another. Sometimes you may feel that you need a break. With our Yoga Retreat, you can indulge in mind and body care experience. A professional yoga instructor will provide daily classes and offer some one-on-one time. Rejuvenate both your spirit and your body with our Yoga Retreat.