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ATMs in Morocco

ATMs are the easiest way to withdraw local currency. The official currency of Morocco is the dirham (MAD) or "DH".

Dirhams are available in banknotes of 20, 50, 100, and 200. Coins are available in denominations of 1/2, 1, 2, 5, and 10 dirhams.

ATMs issue funds in 100 and 200 dirham notes only. Make sure to visit a bank, when possible, to obtain small coins. 

Which currency should I bring to Morocco?

The currency of Morocco, Moroccan dirham is a closed currency that is often difficult to get elsewhere. Local banks in Europe and the USA sometimes allow you to order dirhams in advance of a trip. US dollars, Euros, and British pounds are accepted currencies in exchange offices within Morocco. Australian and New Zealand dollars and Northern Irish or Scottish notes are not accepted for exchange in Morocco.

Many boutiques, bazaars, shops, and galleries will accept US dollars, Euros, or British pounds. Yet small shops with hand-made items in the souks prefer the Moroccan dirham, as they do not accept foreign currencies.

How can I purchase the Moroccan dirham?

ATMs are widely available throughout Morocco in towns and cities yet hard to find in the Sahara Desert region and small villages. ATMs typically have the best exchange rates yet are sometimes short on cash during peak tourism season. 

Moroccan Insider recommends using ATMs that are attached to a bank during business hours. This way contact is available in the rare event issues are using the ATM. The other option for exchanging money in Morocco is using an exchange office, yet this requires a comparison of exchange rates to choose the best one. Also, you should make sure you bring enough cash with you.

Travelers' checks are not accepted in Morocco.

Are credit and debit cards accepted in Morocco?

VISA and MasterCard are accepted at most accommodations, high-end restaurants, tourist galleries, supermarkets, and malls. Morocco however is a cash-based country and it is advisable to always carry cash with you.

American Express (Amex) cards are rarely accepted except for large chain hotels. The preferred credits card of choice to travel within Morocco are VISA and MasterCard. Discover is also widely accepted at merchants and ATMs.

Does Morocco have transactions fees for card usage?

Foreign transaction fees are usually between 2% and 3%. Sometimes there is an additional ATM fee charged by your own bank.  

ATMs in the airport or hotels offer a lower exchange rate therefore it’s best to use one affiliated with a bank.  

Moroccan ATMs issue a maximum of between 2,000 MAD – 4,000 per transaction (approximately $200 US dollars). This depends on the machine and the bank. 

ATMs always require a 4-digit PIN code. Therefore, if your card doesn't require a PIN, you will need to get a PIN issued by your bank before traveling.

How can I reduce ATM fees in Morocco?

Before choosing your card, check the terms and conditions of your bank. Each bank has its own structure for international cash withdrawals. Some are less costly than others.

Is it best to pay in my own currency or the Moroccan currency?

When a seller gives you the option of currencies, the seller is using Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), which will cost more if you pay in your own country’s currency. It is best to select the local currency of Morocco, Moroccan dirhams when the option is offered. 

Should I exchange money at the airport?

If you have to exchange money at the airport, be aware that you will be charged a higher exchange fee rate that averages around $5 to $15 US dollars.


Security Tips

Take a photo of the front and back of your credit, debit, and insurance cards.

Inform your bank about your travel dates before you depart.

Activate fraud alert notifications.





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