• Nomadic Experience: A Trip to Morocco’s Grand Sahara Desert

    Nomadic Experience: A Trip to Morocco’s Grand Sahara Desert

    Your nomadic adventure to the Sahara Desert can begin in either Fez or Marrakech. We offer options of a single, overnight stay to a five-night private Desert journey, inclusive of charming tented or guest house accommodations options depending on your interests and expectations.
    Visiting the Moroccan Sahara Desert is a once-in-a-lifetime experience not to be missed. Morocco's Sahara Desert region of Merzouga is the largest in the world and is known for its towering golden dunes. The Sahara sunsets and sunrises are breathtaking with the Milky Way overhead. The vast Milky Way viewed from the Sahara Desert is unlike anything else you have ever seen. Camera in hand, don’t miss out on capturing a memorable experience.

  • Morocco Customized Tours

    Morocco Customized Tours

    If Morocco is on your bucket list, planning a customized itinerary with Culture Insider is the right place for you. We listen carefully to our travelers’ interests and turning them into memorable experiences. Whether you are an individual traveler, a family, a group of friends, or honeymooners, we can customize tours and specialized activities that fit your cultural interests. Culture Insider offers a combination of adventure, art, architecture, off-road discovery, exploration of small villages, outdoor trekking, foodie experiences, camel safaris, and much more. We serve our travelers by offering cultural immersion on their time in their way. Book With Us. We at Culture Insider will be more than delighted to craft the perfect holiday for you.

  • Fez Medina Guided Tour

    Fez Medina Guided Tour

    Fez is the intellectual and artistic capital of the Moroccan Kingdom known for its exceptionally rich Islamic history, ancient cultural traditions surrounded by both Andalusian and Islamic architecture. Your guided tour will commence at the Bab Boujloud (Blue Gate of Fez) and take you through a wonderous medina tour inclusive of the sights and sounds of this majestic Imperial City. Fez can make one feel like they’ve gone back in time by centuries. Taking a guided walking tour through the largest car-free urban area in the world is a must-do when visiting Morocco. Offered is either a half or full-day Fez Guided Medina tour where you can go off the beaten track through the narrow-hidden alleyways and drift into small food shops, pottery souks, carpet boutiques and discover local life. For those with a penchant for the arts we offer a Fez Guided Medina tour with a focus on handicrafts and meeting local artisans. If you have a fascination with mesmerizing madrasas (Koranic schools) and palaces a tour can be hand-crafted around these sites as well. Your guide is also available to make shopping recommendations to assist you in finding the best handmade products that Fez has to offer.

  • Meknes Medina Guided Tour

    Meknes Medina Guided Tour

    On this Meknes Guided tour, your private English-speaking guide will teach you about this historic city’s 17th-century courtyards and fountains, mosaic tiling, cultural and historic sites. Meknes is an Imperial City known for its historic Bab Mansour Gate, Horse Stables, Olive Market, and the 18th Century Mausoleum of Sultan Moulay Ismail. During your visit, you will explore the Heri el Souani granary, which served both as a granary and feed store for the 12,000 steeds in Moulay Ismail's vast stables. Meknes has a poetic architectural legacy that will be shared on your visit as you walk through this magnificent arched city, wander through the fascinating souk of El Hedim Square and take in the smell of patisseries, olives, and mixed spices.

  • Chefchaouen Medina Guided Tour

    Chefchaouen Medina Guided Tour

    Nestled at the foot of the charming Rif mountains is the magical blue city of Chefchaouen. Often referred to as "Chaouen" this hilltop town offers a keen sense of tranquility with its blue-washed walls, ancient kasbah, and quiet city life. Ideal for photographers and those looking for a romantic get-away, Chefchaouen is the perfect day trip from Fez and part of a longer, guided tour. Your guided tour will begin at Outta Hammam, the main square. You will explore the medina, taste local goat cheese with Chaouen bread called Fegous, visit the historic kasbah, weavers, and colorful boutiques. The tour will end at the Ras El Ma, the local waterfall and source of the town's water. For those who fancy an adventure, there is the option to continue touring with a hike uphill to the Grand Mosque, which boasts breathtaking views of this blue city.

  • Marrakech Medina Guided Tour

    Marrakech Medina Guided Tour

    Discover the treasures of Marrakech, Morocco’s vibrant red city. Our Marrakech Guided Tour will take you away from the hustle and bustle of a large group tour and provide an intimate experience. Marrakech is home to stunning palaces and gardens, Islamic architecture, and contemporary art. This private customized tour will offer you the opportunity to select the sites you wish to visit ranging from the Yves Saint Majorelle Gardens to the Mosque of Koutoubia, Dar El Bacha Palace, El Bahia Palace, and Gardens, the Saadian Tombs along with the Souks and local galleries or museums.